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{ Monthly Archives } August 2012

[Recommend]: A Blog about BPM, Enterprise 2.0 and technology trends in business.

A Blog  about BPM, Enterprise 2.0 and technology trends in business. Details

[Recommend]: SAP StreamWork

SAP StreamWork: Better decisions. Rapid results. Secure, social collaboration in your applications and business processes. Strategize, problem solve, and drive action by collaborating with people, data, and structured business tools. Reduce email overload, improve productivity, and drive faster, more informed decision making Streamline business-critical work by collaborating directly in your applications and business processes Make decisions […]

[Reprint Article]: 6 Key Ingredients for a Process Culture that Brings Results

Change culture is the driving force in process improvement initiatives. The culture must support the fundamental ideology behind the reason for an organization to exist. And as we all know, every organization exists to fulfill customers’ needs and wants in one way or another, because they for that service. Process improvement requires right kind of […]

[转载]:墙外楼 | 泡沫中国还能挣扎多久?

据德国之声报道,德语媒体8月24日继续关注全球经济,而中国发展模式的优劣再度成为分析对象。 《南德意志报》的一篇文章强调,中国的红色国家资本主义模式其实相当脆弱,这一让许多西方国家害怕的模式是否还有生命力,取决于最高层现在确定的改革是否能成功:“邓的南巡20年后,中国又重新面临转变,—此次是从低薪国家转变为工业国家。首批迹象已可从下面的经济信息中读出:工资提高、企业他迁。在越南或孟加拉国早已能更廉价生产T恤衫和运动鞋。中国是否已有足够准备?中国的政策是否真的就像人们所称的那样进步?如果更细心检视从前的和现在的5年计划,人们就不再会得到这一印象。现在的中国让人想起赫尔穆特·科尔执政后期的德国,中国人民正经历改革停滞之苦。世界银行2月底的一份详细地分析报告提供了足够的证据。该项分析报告的主调就是:不进行深层改革,中国的经济奇迹很快将失去动力。”

[Reprint Article]:The Great Unknown: BPM Open Source

One of the most controversial issues when we board a BPM project is the choice of the final BPMS used  to support our processes or applications developed with them. In this blog, I do not want to talk about the selection of the BPMS (that is a series of posts that I have outstanding), but […]

10 Golden Rules for Management and BPM

The following factors are related to management and leadership perspective in Business Process Management (BPM). You can read this list through and think about how these matters are set up in your organization. Details

Another useful site about BPM

Independent community for business process management professionals Details

[Reprint Article]: Traditional ERP has become a dinosaur

Traditional ERP has served us well but has built-in limitations that make it a dinosaur. I’m not the first person to make that observation. Legacy ERP, just like the PC, started out as a way to provide business processes to customers using the latest technology. But businesses aren’t upgrading their MITS Altair 8800′s. They are […]

[Reprint Article]:How ERP and BPM Can Co-Exist Together

You can buy a world-class ERP system (SAP – Oracle ect.) – and implement it. But you haven´t used its potential, if you don´t know your processes! —Ann Rosenberg Details 1 , 2

Why Should You Become a OMG-Certified Expert in BPM (OCEB)?

Now that you’ve decided to certify in BPM, you need to pick a certification program. (If you haven’t quite made your commitment to certify, read this section first.) Why should you certify with OMG? What makes OMG’s certification authoritative? Here are some good reasons… Details